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DELKOR DC27 (N70ZZ) Deep Cycle Battery

Battery Type: DC27 (N70ZZ)
Manufacturer: Delkor (Puma)
VOLT: 12.0v
AH: 80Ah
LENGTH: 320mm
WIDTH: 172mm
HEIGHT: 229mm
WEIGHT: 27kg


  • DELKOR DC27, 80AH, Maintenance-Free DEEP CYCLE BATTERY
  • Brand New Delkor High performance deep cycle battery — Made in Korea
  • Standard ‘N70ZZ’ 4WD Size
  • Ideal for Dual Battery installations in vehicles.
  • Suitable for Boats, Yachts.
  • Suitable for Communications Battery Backup
  • Complete protection against reduction of sulfuric acid
  • Consistent strating performance
  • Longer lifetime achieved
  • No need to add acid
  • Fully maintenance free
  • It is sealed with acid proof breathers
  • A built-in hydrometer or “eye” displays the state of the battery’s charge
  • very well made, come with a nice looking box…
  • Assembly Layout


Delkor Batteries

delkor-batteryDelkor Batteries are made from alloy calcium lead
which gives them superior low resistance and
approx 20% improved charging ability compared
to other batteries.

Delkor Battery construction also means low rates
of self discharged when left in storage for extended
periods. Also calcium construction makes Delkor Batteries highly resistant to corrosion and
capable of  lifespans up to 3 times longer than the competition.

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