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The Deluxe Portable Satellite TV Kit to suit caravan or motorhome

access-satelliteOver 10000 sold Australia-Wide

This ultimate in portable caravan satellite tv kits, comes with everything you can think of, there are no hidden extras in this kit. Comes complete with all the bells and whistles to make setting up a piece of cake.

We get customers calling up every week requesting a 85cm/90cm dish to suit North West WA and Central Australia. The gain on this dish is by far the highest/strongest for its portable dimensions hence the reason why it is now the most popular caravan dish in Australia. The bottom and top areas of the oval dish are not used when reflecting the signal so these parts were removed from the oval shaped predecessor. From our testing it has an approximate 10% higher gain than any other dish its size. One of the most important thing for caravaners is size and portability. We have created a dish that folds down compactly to suit the bag , and the brackets on this dish are very easy to adjust. All tools and instructions are provided so even the complete novice can not make a mistake. This dish will work in 100% of Australia. We have a 3 minute setup guarantee after using the system more than 4 times – money back guaranteed. You won’t get our patented caravan dish anywhere else as we designed it specifically for the Australian caravan satellite TV market.

Beware of getting fooled into buying a satellite kit without a tripod, and using just a fold up stand with fold up dish. Be aware of the pros and cons beforehand – these products are not as easy to setup as there sale pitch makes it sound! When the ground is not flat it is very hard to set the vertical angle and setup time can take a lot longer. Due to the lower signal on these dishes majority of customers struggle to get these dishes working in North-West Australia and Central Australia were the signal is significantly weaker. Ask for a written guarantee that the fold up dish without tripod will work in 100% of Australia. There is also a company selling satellite kits in a small portable suitcase. There are multiple problems why this kit will not work. Firstly the dish is too small to be used in Australia (only suits Europe and NZ). Secondly the company do not even supply a VAST decoder box in order to pickup normal Australian TV channels. The satellite receiver is no good for use in Australia. We have had a customer in tears after buying one from an online retailer and finding out the truth that the systems WILL NOT WORK. Do your research and buy high quality equipment which is easy to use the first time around.

Do our competitors provide an angle meter for free which works off gravity rather than just a few numbers on the back of the dish ? With this tool there is no way you can make a mistake when setting your elevation angles – we supply this free of charge with the kit. There are a number of extras we include with the kit that are all included in the price. We dont supply incomplete systems to have a customer then find out important items were not included.

We have customers coming into our store every week with dishes / systems bought elsewhere with no proper instructions, missing half the necessary tools and with poor quality equipment. Please ensure your system doesn’t come with cheap Chinese pre-made cables with cheap crimp connectors that are NOT waterproof or government approved for use with digital TV, it is happening way too often. Another common problem is some customer intend to use a satellite dish designed specifically for a house which has big mounting brackets on the back of the dish, do not have allowance for the replacement of the nuts with wingnuts, have no support for folding down, which basically prevent it from being portable and easy to setup. If you buy the right equipment the first time around it is very easy. We highly recommend to ask our competitors for a demonstration on how to use, align and adjust these dishes outside – don’t settle until you see it working, possibly ask to try yourself – ask them to give you a demo when the ground is not flat.

With our tripods we can overcome this problem. They have a spirit level and adjustable legs, so there is never an issue if the ground is not flat. We are getting more and more customers coming to us every day with troubles from satellite kits bought else where. We are always happy to help people, and provide people with simple easy to understand instructions, and most importantly the right equipment and tools. Come into our store for some friendly advice.