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Powertech 120W 12V Mono-crystalline Narrow Solar Panel

The same power as the more typZM9085ImageMain-515Wx515Hical size 120W solar panel, but in a more narrow footprint (approx 150mm shorter) to fit over a smaller surface area thanks to increases in silicon solar cell efficiencies.

• Max. power: 120W
• Rated voltage: 12V
• Voltage at max. power: 17.2V
• Current at max. power: 6.68A
• Open circuit voltage: 21.6V
• Short circuit current: 7.75A
• Dimensions: 1190(H) x 660(W) x 35(D)mm


A convenient alternative energy solution for those on the move – no longer do you need to park in the sun because your solar panels are mounted to the roof of your caravan or camper! Simply fold the panels away and store them in the carry bag when not in use, then when you set up camp just fold it out in the sunlight to provide power to charge your batteries (via a suitable charge controller, not included), whilst your caravan/camper can be parked in the shade. Strong stands are built into the frame to tilt the panels to a 30º angle for optimal solar capture. Features a 10m output lead (5m fixed + 5m extension) with 50A Anderson® connectors, heavy duty steel hinges and carry handle, and supplied with a tough nylon carry bag.

• Two high efficiency 12V 90W monocrystalline solar panels to give 180W of power
• Heavy duty metal hinges, latches and carry handle
• Durable protective padded nylon carry bag
• Plastic protective corners
• Waterproof wiring junction boxes
• 10m output lead (5m fixed + 5m extension), with 50A Anderson® plugs
• Solar charge controller not included

Note: Requires a 20A Solar charge controller, recommended MP-3129 or MP-3735

• Pmax: 180W
• Rated voltage: 12V
• Voltage at Pmax: 18V
• Current at Pmax: 10A
• Open circuit voltage: 22.5V
• Short circuit current: 11.12A
• Weight: 19kg
• Dimensions:
– Open: 1074(W) x 1195(H) x 38(D)mm
– Folded: 535(W) x 1195(H) x 76(D)mm

ZM9136gallery1-515Wx515H ZM9136gallery6-515Wx515H ZM9136gallery8-515Wx515H ZM9136ImageMain-515Wx515H

20A Solar Charge Controller with LCD Display

Protect your valuable solar installation and maximise battery service life with our photovoltaic (PV) charge controller. Microprocessor controlled with LCD display, this charger efficiently charges a vast selection of batteries from a wide range of solar panels. It even features an equalisation mode for wet type lead acid batteries, automatically cycles once a month for 2 hours.

*User adjustable charging voltages
*Suits wet or sealed lead acid, lead calcium, lead antimony, Ni-CD, NiFe batteries
*Microprocessor control PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) for optimum charging
*3-stage, Bulk, Absorption and Float charge with status on LCD display
*Ampere Hour logging readouts in 3 sets, today and last 2 days
*5-state LED indications of battery levels
*Electronic overcharge protection and back current blocking to panel
*Dusk to dawn automatic on-off with 10 selectable on-off programs
*Adjustable battery low voltage level disconnect and reconnect for DC outputs
*Battery reverse protection

*Battery Voltage: 12V
*Maximum PV panel open circuit voltage: 26V
*Continuous load/charge current: 20A
*Maximum charge/load current (5 mins): 25A
*Operation current (no load and PV): 30mA
*Dimensions: 150(W) x 85(D) x 45(H)mm
*Weight: 470g
*Operating temperature: -10 to +50oCMP3129ImageMain-515Wx515H


Batteries N More have an impressive selection of
solar panels available for many applications.

  • 20 Watts
  • 40 Watts
  • 50 Watts
  • 80 Watts
  • 120 Watts
  • 80 Watt Portable Solar kits

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and competitive pricing!!!

Looking for Solar Charge Controllers?

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and competitive pricing!!!


Caravan-Marine Power System – 12V 1500W-320W-Solar-300Ah Battery

mp9013_packageAn ideal mid-level power system for caravans and boats,
or even a smaller motorhome. Includes everything to
make a complete 12V house battery system with enough
stored battery power for medium stints of free camping
without AC power.

At the heart of the system is the powerful Rich Electric
SuperCombi interactive inverter-charger, with an
inverter output of 1500W continuous de-rated at 70°C
(3000W max) it is more than capable of running a
typical 2kW roof-mount type air conditioning system or
a small inverter-type domestic split system
(approx. 3kW). When AC shore or park power is
connected, the SuperCombi’s battery charger kicks into
life delivering 70A of charging current with full 4-stage
charging, ensuring that your batteries are charged up
quickly and optimally; perfect for when you are only
connect to AC power for a short stay.

The power support feature of the SuperCombi also
allows you to program in a maximum AC input current
so that when you run the kettle, the toaster and then
switch on the aircon, you don’t trip an AC circuit
breaker – the SuperCombi will provide the extra power
required by boosting the AC input with inverter power
(from the battery bank). This is also PERFECT for use
with a generator, which when combined with the
dynamic power shifting feature, means you can actually
use a smaller generator, since the SuperCombi will make up the difference in power!

For storage of power, two industrial grade PowerSleek AGM deep cycle batteries are included,
storing 300Ah of charge. Whilst you are cruising along with the engine running, the engine
alternator is of course producing plenty of DC charging – so that is put to good use by
employing the Rich Electric Dual Battery Charging system, which allows the alternator to
charge the house battery as well as your engine cranking battery, with central control via the
SuperCombi. When you achor or camp “off the grid”, the solar panels will provide some
charge back into your battery bank (approx. 70-80Ah a day*) through the SunStar-45A solar
charge controller, again with central control through the SuperCombi. As well as this, once the
house battery is fully charged, the Rich Electric Dual Battery Charging system will also allow
excess charge to go back into your engine cranking battery!

To round the system out, mega-fuses, CombiNet data leads, and solar panel connectors and
joiners are included to aid with an easy installation.

• Approx. 2.6kWh of stored battery power
• Approx. 0.8kWh (70Ah) average daily solar charging*

• 4 x 80W monocrystalline high efficiency solar
• 2 x 12V 150Ah “sleek” deep cycle AGM batteries
• Invertek SuperCombi 12V 1500W continuous
(3000W max) inverter charger (70A charging)
• SunStar 45A PWM solar charge controller
• Invertek 140A dual battery charging system
• CombiNet data leads
• Solar panel connectors and joiners
• Mega fuses

Suitable For
• Most moderately powered household AC appliances
• Kettle, toaster, microwave (but only one at a time)
• Efficient LED lighting
• Efficient AC or DC fridge
• Laptops, DVD players, LCD TV, etc
• SuperCombi CAN run an efficient 2kW aircon system
(for a limited amount of time)

Systems can be customised to suit individual
requirements. Talk to your local store for

Performance & output can be affected by location,
season, shading & weather conditions.