DELKOR DC27 (N70ZZ) Deep Cycle Battery

Battery Type: DC27 (N70ZZ)
Manufacturer: Delkor (Puma)
VOLT: 12.0v
AH: 80Ah
LENGTH: 320mm
WIDTH: 172mm
HEIGHT: 229mm
WEIGHT: 27kg


  • DELKOR DC27, 80AH, Maintenance-Free DEEP CYCLE BATTERY
  • Brand New Delkor High performance deep cycle battery — Made in Korea
  • Standard ‘N70ZZ’ 4WD Size
  • Ideal for Dual Battery installations in vehicles.
  • Suitable for Boats, Yachts.
  • Suitable for Communications Battery Backup
  • Complete protection against reduction of sulfuric acid
  • Consistent strating performance
  • Longer lifetime achieved
  • No need to add acid
  • Fully maintenance free
  • It is sealed with acid proof breathers
  • A built-in hydrometer or “eye” displays the state of the battery’s charge
  • very well made, come with a nice looking box…
  • Assembly Layout