DSR4639 Dual Channel HD Recorder


The DSR4639 is a value engineered Dual Channel High Definition Personal Video Recorder utilising a 2.5“ hard drive which makes it a very compact recording device. Based on the STi7105 (Mpeg2/4) high speed processor, the DSR4639 can process 3 streams simultaneously and has multiple video and audio outputs operating at the same time to cater for most installation situations.

Key Features

VAST certified
Simultaneous 2 channel recording and playback of recorded file from hard drive.
Simultaneous 2 channel recording and watch third from within a network.
8 day Electronic Program Guide
ECR (Episode Chain Recording)
3 record modes (Manual, Timer and via EPG)
Chase play (watch a recording from beginning while still recording)
Pause live TV
Event based Timeshift
Preset recording offsets (early start, late finish)
Trick modes (play, FFW, REW, pause, jump back, jump forward)
Software upgrade via USB & OTA
Grouping and Sorting of recordings
HDMI output
Large 500 GB hard drive for up to 400 hours of recording
Stores time-shift data to be saved as a recorded program
1080P support

Technical Features

Front End Tuner Specifications

Frequency range
DVB- Standard
Symbol Rate ( DVB-S2 )
Symbol Rate ( DVB-S )

950 – 2150 Mhz
DVB-S2 QPSK Demodulator , 8 PSK
2 Msym/sec to 30 Msym/sec
2 Msym/sec to 45 Msym/sec

Processor Core

Host Processor
Flash Memory

STi 7105, 450 Mhz core processor
32 MBytes
256 MBytes


Video Decoder
Video Format
Video Outputs

MPEG-4 (H.264), MPEG-2 MP@HL
1080p,1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i


Audio Decoder
Dolby audio support

Mpeg 2 layer 1&2 ( Musicam ), MPEG4 AAC/AAC+
Downmix and pass through via HDMI, optical and coaxial connectors


RF in
HD video
SD Video
Digital Audio
Analogue Audio
Smart Card
Power Supply

Power Consumption

F- Type
Composite video and Component video
Optical , Coaxial and HDMI
RCA Left & Right
USB 2.0
ISO 7818
12 Volt external power supply

Maximum : <36W Average : <20W Please note that the product configuration, features and technologies referred to above reflect a typical product specification, the final product may vary according to specific requirements.