A convenient alternative energy solution for those on the move – no longer do you need to park in the sun because your solar panels are mounted to the roof of your caravan or camper! Simply fold the panels away and store them in the carry bag when not in use, then when you set up camp just fold it out in the sunlight to provide power to charge your batteries (via a suitable charge controller, not included), whilst your caravan/camper can be parked in the shade. Strong stands are built into the frame to tilt the panels to a 30º angle for optimal solar capture. Features a 10m output lead (5m fixed + 5m extension) with 50A Anderson® connectors, heavy duty steel hinges and carry handle, and supplied with a tough nylon carry bag.

• Two high efficiency 12V 90W monocrystalline solar panels to give 180W of power
• Heavy duty metal hinges, latches and carry handle
• Durable protective padded nylon carry bag
• Plastic protective corners
• Waterproof wiring junction boxes
• 10m output lead (5m fixed + 5m extension), with 50A Anderson® plugs
• Solar charge controller not included

Note: Requires a 20A Solar charge controller, recommended MP-3129 or MP-3735

• Pmax: 180W
• Rated voltage: 12V
• Voltage at Pmax: 18V
• Current at Pmax: 10A
• Open circuit voltage: 22.5V
• Short circuit current: 11.12A
• Weight: 19kg
• Dimensions:
– Open: 1074(W) x 1195(H) x 38(D)mm
– Folded: 535(W) x 1195(H) x 76(D)mm

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