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Fenix Flashlights – MC Series

mc11 fenix torchDescription

Fenix MC11 is a multifunctional angle light originally produced by Fenix. It is very convenient to adjust the illuminating angle and the brightness. MC11 can be used as L-shaped flashlight, camping light and headlamp, which can meet your various lighting needs. Offering 3 brightness levels and 2 flashing modes, waterproofing to IPX-8 Standard, MC11 must be your best choice for the multi-angle outdoor illumination with its convenience, exquisiteness and efficiency.


Fenix Flashlights – RC Series

Powerful, Reliable, Rechargeable

Tough, strong, fully waterproof, environmental-friendly and low using cost, Fenix RC series recharging flashlight are quick to regain power using the built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery and draw strength from stationary AC and on-board vehicle charging stations. The charging operation is quite simple and convenient, which enables the RC series recharging flashlight to be your best choice when hunting, searching, rescuing, etc.

rc10 fenix torchDescription

Fenix performance travels far and wide with the high-intensity, rechargeable RC10. Quick to regain power and fast switching with on-body controls, this convenient light peaks at 380 lumens. Durable and equipped for in-vehicle and home charging, RC10 is well suited for professional, recreational and personal use.



rc15 fenix torchDescription

Fenix RC15 is a top pick for rechargeable flashlight performance. With 860-lumen max output, RC15 offers useful working levels down to 9 lumens. Exceptional runtime combines with long throw and solid recharging times to make RC15 an everyday duty light ready to answer the call.



rc40 fenix torchDescription

RC40 features our exclusive RAPID SCAN BEAM to deliver an excellent combination of throw and overall coverage. A stunning 3500-lumen output is transformed into a 710-meter throw for long range identification and a 90 degree wide beam for maximum close-range coverage. Combined with advanced power solutions which enable extended periods of runtime for long-running task lighting, RC40 is THE CHOICE for field operations and more.





Fenix Flashlights – LD Series

High-performance Flashlight Powered by AA/AAA Battery

Flashlights powered by AA batteries have been welcomed by customers due to its portability and the world-available AA battery. As the creator of the first LED flashlight using AA battery, Fenix has occupied a critical status in the same field. Now, all Fenix LD-series flashlights insist on the design concept of exact techniques and outstanding performance. Using AA batteries and highly efficient optical system, they are perfect combinations of focus beam and flood beam with good lighting distance. Working in prominent techniques in details, Fenix LD-series flashlights, fully embodying humanistic design, are the real outdoor flashlights with powerful performance.

ld15 fenix torchDescription

Fenix LD15 is the perfect portable AA flashlight in a very small size. Since one AA battery delivers 3 times the electrical volume of one AAA battery, the LD15 offers a brighter beam and much longer runtime with the advanced lighting technology.

Furthermore, the design featuring two modes of output, not only provides easy operation, but also strikes a delicate balance between the important dual requirements of high brightness and extended runtime. If you’re looking for a powerful, long running EDC flashlight in the smallest size, LD15 is your perfect companion.


ld20 fenix torchDescription

The Fenix LD20 is an outdoor flashlight for multiple uses; it combines high brightness and long runtime with 4 lighting levels and 2 flashing outputs for constant brightness. Its portable, compact size and the water-proofing of the IPX-8 standard make the LD20 adependable flashlight for your lighting applications plus emergency use.



ld41 fenix torchDescription

Fenix LD41 is a high-performance outdoor flashlight with a wide range of applications. It employs the unique dual tail cap switches to provide quick switching between four brightness levels and two flashing modes – and a momentary-on function. The elongated all-metal housing, containing four readily-available AA batteries with sufficient power, makes it comfortable to hold. Featuring constant brightness and waterproofing to IPX-8 standards, LD41 can be a good partner in various outdoor conditions and in emergencies.




Fenix Flashlights – PD Series

Perfect Combination of Compact Size and Outstanding Performance

Compact size and outstanding performance are the very important factors for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Fenix PD-series flashlights make a perfect balance between compact size and outstanding performance. That is the point that people marvel at. Using CR123A batteries (Lithium) with much energy capacity, Fenix PD-series flashlights are durable, frost-resistant, which are suitable to harsh environments. With the outstanding performance and brightness, they can meet all the illumination requirements for various outdoor sports, especially for hiking, exploring and daily carrying in cold environments.

pd22 fenix torchDescription

Fenix PD22 is a high-intensity flashlight with side mode switch. With four brightness levels, one rapid strobe and a hidden SOS mode, it can maximize up to a 210-lumen output and a 120-hour long runtime! This compact and waterproof flashlight is extremely suitable for various outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping and EDC.



pd32 fenix torchDescription

Sometimes good is just not good enough, so we just upgraded one of our best selling models—PD32. We add a 740-lumen Burst Mode for you to drill through the darkness at extended distance. Color rendition and penetration power are also enhanced by the utilization of the latest Cree XM-L (T6) neutral white LED. To make this edition even better, each package also includes a customized diffuser tip.



pd35 fenix torchDescription

Are compact size and mighty output really mutually exclusive? Not in the case of PD35. Weighting only 87 grams and less than 14 centimeters long, PD35 delivers a stunning 850-lumen maximum output from one 18650 battery. Six outputs including strobe mode cover from daily use to outdoor and professional use while a simple press on the side switch is all you need to select output. Portable becomes powerful with this go-everywhere, category-changing model from Fenix.




Fenix Flashlights – TK Series

Flashlights for all kinds of circumstances

High-intensity, long runtime, waterproofing and reliability are the characteristics that are indispensable for flashlights used in emergencies and harsh environments. Fenix TK series flashlights provide a bright, focused beam with a wide and long lighting range. With the advanced technology, Fenix TK series flashlights are the best choices for outdoor rescue and exploration to meet the lighting demands in any harsh condition.

tk22 fenix torchDescription

Fenix TK22 features a powerful, tough, durable, and fully waterproof design intended for harsh outdoor conditions. Powered by large capacity 18650 Li-ion battery, safe 16340 LiFePO4 battery or frost-resistant CR123ALithium battery, the light makes a perfect combination of extreme brightness and ultra long runtime. The innovative side switch on the head flows between four brightness levels and strobe mode,plus the advanced constant brightness technology and waterproof to IPX-8 standard, TK22 will be your reliable partner when searching ,rescuing, etc.


tk60 fenix torchDescription

Fenix TK60 is a high-intensity multi-functional flashlight powered by D batteries. The dual switch system in the front can realize a rapid selection between the four brightness levels and the two different flashing functions. With a max 800-lumen output and a 15-day extremely long runtime, it must be able to meet your needs in various conditions.

Meanwhile the compact design can lessen the volume and decrease the weight of TK60 to the largest extent. With the perfect combination of the outstanding performance and the enjoyment of using it, TK60 is the dependable partner when outdoor searching, caving or using as a spare light for automobiles, etc.


tk75 fenix torchDescription

With the Fenix TK75, four 18650 rechargeable cells are stunningly transformed into 2900- lumen max output. Throwing 690m with an 80-degree plus beam angle lets the TK75 light up extended terrain.

On high at 1200 lumens, this compact Fenix flashlight pushes for four hours while the 450 lumen level stays the course at 12 hours runtime.  The stainless steel bezel, strobe and SOS functionality as well as the on-body dual switch system make the TK75 atrustworthy carry on search, caving and scouting missions.  Mounted on a vehicle or stowed for emergency use, this light captures the proven performance found in every Fenix lighting product.