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Vision CT12-50X 50AH VRLA Battery



Vision CT Series batteries in Kalgoorlie

At Batteries N More We have been stocking Vision VRLA Batteries in Kalgoorlie Since 2013.
Over the last 10 months however certain mining companies and select prospectors have been buying the vision CT series batteries.
The shape allows many batteries to be kept with a smaller footprint ideal for MINEARC refuge chambers and many screen systems.


Watch this space for PDF details on the CT12-50x, CT12-150x and CT12-180x.

AGM Batteries – Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle

Some days, endurance is more important than luck

Optima-BlueTopOptima blue top AGM batteries and AGM deep cycle batteries will keep you on the water longer. Spiral cell design of an Optima marine AGM battery with its tightly wound cells pressed into tubes, make them 15 times more resilient to vibration. Most important when you are pounding through the waves.

Our Optima marine AGM deep cycle batteries make also great start batteries also; they range from 750CCA – 900CCA. Optima marine AGM batteries and Optima marine AGM Deep cycle batteries are Spill proof they can be mounted on their side, have no terminal corrosion and do not gas under charge.

In the off season conventional batteries sulphate in 3-6 months, which is leads to premature failure. An Optima marine AGM battery or Optima Marine AGM Deep cycle battery will retain its charge for 12 months (providing zero current draw), so it is already to go for the next marine season.

Emergency services such as the Water police and some Naval departments use the Optima AGM batteries for their boats, because reliability and performance is the key.

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Challenge Batteries – Marine Battery Deep Cycle

When value is important.Give us a call and we will recommend a suitable battery whatever the
application: High performance car, fishing boat, 4WD vehicle, commercial trucks and more.

We have listened to our customer and now try to use only sealed maintenance free batteries, so
no more messy topping up is necessary.

An extensive range of mostly maintenance free batteries in popular sizes to suit most makes,
including starting, dual purpose and deep cycle.  It is very unusual if we don’t have the battery
you require in stock ready to go.

Most feature the latest Calcium technology and some with Ag9 silver alloy as demanded by
many new vehicle manufactures.

The battery range covers Passenger vehicles, demanding 4WD (4×4), Marine, Deep Cycle,
Light Truck and Commercial.



DELKOR DC27 (N70ZZ) Deep Cycle Battery

Battery Type: DC27 (N70ZZ)
Manufacturer: Delkor (Puma)
VOLT: 12.0v
AH: 80Ah
LENGTH: 320mm
WIDTH: 172mm
HEIGHT: 229mm
WEIGHT: 27kg


  • DELKOR DC27, 80AH, Maintenance-Free DEEP CYCLE BATTERY
  • Brand New Delkor High performance deep cycle battery — Made in Korea
  • Standard ‘N70ZZ’ 4WD Size
  • Ideal for Dual Battery installations in vehicles.
  • Suitable for Boats, Yachts.
  • Suitable for Communications Battery Backup
  • Complete protection against reduction of sulfuric acid
  • Consistent strating performance
  • Longer lifetime achieved
  • No need to add acid
  • Fully maintenance free
  • It is sealed with acid proof breathers
  • A built-in hydrometer or “eye” displays the state of the battery’s charge
  • very well made, come with a nice looking box…
  • Assembly Layout


Super Charge Amp-Tech D87L Deep Cycle Battery

  • Model: D87L
  • Shipping Weight: 50lbs
  • Manufactured by: Super Charge

D87L amp-tech deep cycle batteryAmp-Tech D87L
The Amp-Tech Deep Cycle batteries have proven strength, durability and reserve capacity. These batteries have been designed to deliver maximum energy and withstand extensive discharge and recharge cycles for extended periods of time.