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Projecta DC Battery Charger

3 Stage Automatic 12V to 12V 20A Battery Charger

3stage-auto-12v-20a battery charger

Utilising the vehicle’s power, the DC20 delivers a 3 stage charge to the auxiliary battery that steps up the voltage from as low as 9V input up to 14.4V output. Ideal for charging deep cycle batteries commonly used in caravans, trucks, motor homes and 4WDs.

Instruction Manual


Projecta Workshop Battery Chargers

Designed for the most demanding industrial environments.

Manual 12V 14A Battery Charger

manual-12v-14a battery charger

Offering simplistic operation, this heavy duty charger with its durable construction and reliable transformer technology is ideal for workshop environments.
Instruction Manual

Automatic & Manual 6/12/24V 21A 2 Stage Battery Charger

auto-manual-2stage battery charger

Designed for the most demanding environments such as heavy duty transport and agriculture. Delivers ample power, sturdy construction and various charging options.
Instruction Manual

Manual 12/24V 70A Battery Charger

manual-12-24v-70a battery charger

An immensely powerful charger housed within a compact and robust trolley enclosure for ease of portability. Features 12/24V operation, adjustable output and an engine start function.
Instruction Manual


Projecta Intelli-Charge Battery Chargers

Automatic 12V 7A 7 Stage Battery Charger

auto-12v-7a-7stage battery charger

Delivers a high quality charge tailored to suit all battery chemistry types. Ideal for use on smaller passenger vehicles through to 4WDs.
Instruction Manual

Automatic 12V 35A 7 Stage Battery Charger

auto-12v-35a-7stage battery charger

With world class 7 stage technology this advanced automatic charger is ideal for the high power demands of caravans and motor homes delivering a comprehensive and accurate charge that gives your batteries longer life and better performance.
Instruction Manual


Automatic 12V 50A 7 Stage Battery Charger

auto-12v-50a-7stage battery charger

An extremely versatile charger that is capable of being set to charge smaller batteries found in recreational equipment right up to the huge power demands of large battery banks often found on houseboats and yachts.


Projecta Pro-Charge Battery Chargers

Instruction Manual

Automatic 12V 4A 6 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-12v-4a-6stage battery charger

Ideal for the home professional wanting a charger for a range of charging applications, eg. motorbike, jet ski, small passenger vehicles.

Automatic 12V 8A 6 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-12v-8a-6stage battery charger

Perfect all-rounder for small to large batteries found in recreational vehicles, passenger vehicles and 4WDs.

Automatic 12V 16A 6 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-12v-16a-6stage battery charger

Fully adjustable, the PC1600 is the ideal all-rounder for the home professional.


Projecta ChargeNMaintain Battery Chargers

Instruction Manual

Automatic 12V 900mA 2 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-12v-900ma-2stage battery charger

Ideal for maintaining infrequently used vehicles such as motorcycles, jet skis and ride on mowers.

Automatic 12V 1600mA 2 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-12v-1600ma-2stage battery charger

The perfect charger for drivers who wish to maintain their batteries in superior condition. Particularly useful on infrequently used vehicles such as classic cars and boats.

Automatic 6/12V 2700mA 2 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-6-12v-2700ma-2stage battery charger

The perfect home garage charger, automatic in operation, it can be turned on and forgotten about until the vehicle’s next use.