Legal Matters: From Mushrooms to Taxes

Yo, yo, let’s rap about some legal matters
From mushrooms to taxes, we’ve got it all in tatters
Need some legal mushrooms for anxiety?
Stress relief and natural remedies, ain’t no need to lie
But hold up, we got some income tax rules to follow
For the salaried employees, 2021-22 ain’t no time to wallow

Topics Links
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But wait, there’s more, got some duress in contract law
Legal definition and implications, stay in the know, don’t withdraw
And if you’re into power law index, in the legal sphere
Understanding the concept, no need to fear

Now, if you’re an independent contractor, looking to separate
We got the legal guide, templates and tips, don’t hesitate
And don’t forget your check list of documents, essential to the core
Legal paperwork, gotta keep it all in store

Need an indemnity agreement template, for free of course
Legal document download, no need to use force
And are those parking charges legally enforceable? Let’s find out
Expert legal advice, don’t scream and shout

If you’re studying law, then the LLM Legal Practice SQE 1 and 2
Expert guidance for law students, dive into the legal groove
And for those in the private equity fund world, an operating agreement
Legal guidelines and templates, gotta have that legal engagement