Projecta ChargeNMaintain Battery Chargers

Instruction Manual

Automatic 12V 900mA 2 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-12v-900ma-2stage battery charger

Ideal for maintaining infrequently used vehicles such as motorcycles, jet skis and ride on mowers.

Automatic 12V 1600mA 2 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-12v-1600ma-2stage battery charger

The perfect charger for drivers who wish to maintain their batteries in superior condition. Particularly useful on infrequently used vehicles such as classic cars and boats.

Automatic 6/12V 2700mA 2 Stage Battery Charger

automatic-6-12v-2700ma-2stage battery charger

The perfect home garage charger, automatic in operation, it can be turned on and forgotten about until the vehicle’s next use.