Projecta Intelli-Charge Battery Chargers

Automatic 12V 7A 7 Stage Battery Charger

auto-12v-7a-7stage battery charger

Delivers a high quality charge tailored to suit all battery chemistry types. Ideal for use on smaller passenger vehicles through to 4WDs.
Instruction Manual

Automatic 12V 35A 7 Stage Battery Charger

auto-12v-35a-7stage battery charger

With world class 7 stage technology this advanced automatic charger is ideal for the high power demands of caravans and motor homes delivering a comprehensive and accurate charge that gives your batteries longer life and better performance.
Instruction Manual


Automatic 12V 50A 7 Stage Battery Charger

auto-12v-50a-7stage battery charger

An extremely versatile charger that is capable of being set to charge smaller batteries found in recreational equipment right up to the huge power demands of large battery banks often found on houseboats and yachts.